FX4 Event in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad Flash Platform User Group is organizing a special UG meet named FX4 Event. For the very first time we will have some one from Adobe to speak for the User Groupin Ahmedabad. Sujit Reddy from the Adobe evangelist team will be taking sessions for this event on Flex 4, Flash Builder. Livecycle DS, Flash Player etc.In Ahmedabad since we are only maturing as a user group it is pretty hard to pull out people from their comfort zone to attend such events but I believe events like this will make a change in the mindset of the crowd and we are trying hard to pull in more crowd to this event.

Initially we were a little hung up with the venue since first we targeted a technical institute then due to some wrong communications and the norms of the Institute we had to change the venue two days back to my office premise where we have a pretty decent conference room.Now everything seems to be set and all geared up for the event.Also will be exciting to see Sujit in action.

Often I have heard companies in Ahmedabad stating that we do not get enough of quality Flash/Flex developers from Ahmedabad and I would say as a user group we can help you out and that is why the user group across the world organize such events. Until and unless people get to know some new things/share experience about the technology they work on, there is no scope for improvement at any level. Hope all the companies in Ahmedabad take these events seriously enough to allow their developers/designers to be a part of such event. The event details are as shown below and for registration http://fx4eventahmedabadfug.eventbrite.com/. Fingers crossed and lets hope for the best.


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Sunil Nair

I am a Software Developer currently working on developing Rich Internet Applications using Adobe Flex/AIR. I have had diverse experience of developing application in software industry for the last 4 years.

6 thoughts on “FX4 Event in Ahmedabad”

  1. I missed it :(..

    well i missed the 12th april event…
    how will i come to know if this type of events take place in future ? Please tell me the way i can come to know about this.

    please … i am mad about flex… and i am from gujarat.
    I want to go with flex. and there is not a standard institute known by me in gujarat that gives the standard coaching on flex.. if any, please suggest me…

    Thank You
    – Dhaval Limbani

    1. Nice to know that you are a big fan of Adobe Flex.

      Join the Ahmedabad Flash Plaform user group to be constantly updated about the events that happen in the Ahmedabad Flash/Flex community.

      I am sorry but I am also not aware of a standard institute in Ahmedabad that provide coaching for Flex but at least by attending the UG meetings that occur every month you can learn more about Flex/Flash and meet other people in the community who share the same passion like you.

  2. hi i want to learn flex…..
    can you give me some nice classess name for flex in ahmedabad…????
    waiting for your reply….

  3. I sent an email to ahmedabadfug but have got so far no response. I would like to know if there is really anybody in Ahmedabad who is a flash user and can answer my simple question: I have written a book for publishing on internet. I have manually done flash animation and used also Power Point Presentations. Is it necessary to use Action Script3.0 or any other version that comes up before this mail reaches anybody?
    Needless to add that I have spent umpteen hours going through various internet resources but of no avail.
    I would appreciate if somebody takes time to respond. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello Desika,
      I apologize if your mail went unanswered, but would like to know on which email id did you sent your question? I would suggest you to post your problems on the user group forum http://ahmedabadfug.groups.adobe.com/ where you could have more participation from the community to discuss things. Could you please give some more clarity on this – Is it necessary to use Action Script3.0 or any other version that comes up before this mail reaches anybody? It would be great if you can elaborate on your question. Looking forward to your response.


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