Experience of first AFUG meeting

Well since this was the first time we managed to organize the meeting  for Ahmedabad Flash Platform Group here in Ahmedabad, I thought that I should my experience about it. As the manager of the group it was really a hard job to organize the event in such a short time but my motive was to do it any how since if we fall behind this time also, the plan of organizing the meet up would always remain on papers and will be never fulfilled. I strongly believe that it is a initiative that is required at the start to setup such meeting and then rest will fall in place automatically.

As the work culture is different here in Ahmedabad we had to settle to schedule the meeting on Sunday which of course sounds very tiresome..but we had to do it atleast for the first time.. but people did turn up. We had an audience of 20 members from the community even though I expected more but considering this to be the first time, the numbers were OK. The best part was that we all got to know each other pretty well.

We started off the meeting with a brief intorduction from me on User Group, its advantages and benefits to the community. Followed by an introductory session on Flex and RIA again by me. Then we all had a refreshment, with samosas and chai(tea). Then we did have session on introduction to FMS by Ritesh Newal. Finally we did announce the name of the  winners of the free certification vouchers from Adobe and also distribution of swag from Adobe to the members.

Overall we all had a great time together and also it gave me more ideas for the next meeting on October which is to be made more interesting with more advanced topics and planned well ahead so that there is no last minute confusion. We should be pretty good to pull in more crowd in the next event and in this meeting the members already have felt good vibes about the group, I hope they would already take initiatives and volunter for next user group meeting.
For pics of this meeting – http://tiny.cc/clVAM


Ahmedabad Flash Platform User Group

It is offical now, we are not just a Flex User Group we have widened our area of focus to the Flash Platform as a result this group will now on be called as Ahmedabad Flash Platform User Group. All this started when one of my colleagues started the discussion about a flash user group in Ahmedabad. I had a talk with Mr. John Koch and we came out with the decision that our group itself can be a group dedicated for Flash platform rather than only Flex. At the end of the day the decision was accepted and supported by all.

I believe this was the right way to move forward since Flash or Flex both are related to programming with Actioncript 3.0 with two different set of tools and ultimately to get the output in the form of  a SWF.

We already have many flash developers as members in the community and this step would clear the confusion among them and everybody who works on any flash platform will get  good vibes and should own this group. All these intiatives will also be reflected in the up coming group meeting where will have sessions on different topics on different technologies related to flash platform. So, flash developers in Ahmedabad who are yet to join the group because of the confusion, join in to the community as this is your community.


Ted Patrick has posted an interesting information about the open source project FlexPMD which is a tool to find out the worst parts of your code. The tool alerts and points out the bad coding practices that you have followed in your Flex project which I believe is a great thing,  given that while developement you tend to leave behind complex, redundant code and unused variables/piece of code which might give you the expected output but may be not considered as the best practice.
There is also a Flex application FlexPMD Rule set creator which enable to set custom rules for your application, that can be exported and used. The FlexPMD can be downloaded in three forms – CommandLine, Ant Task, Mac OSX Automater.
Once we start development on a  project,  in the initial stages most of us do rather take care to follow the best practices and try delete the unwanted code / unused code, but as soon as the code gets larger and more complex and as the project manager start talking only about delivery dates, it is always a time taking and horrendous process to sit and go through the code and remove all those rubbish stuffs that we have written. Now,I am going to download and try out this tool, if it works well then my code will look pretty in and out. What do you guys think ? 😉
For more info – http://opensource.adobe.com/wiki/display/flexpmd/FlexPMD