Generate Flex code from mockups

We all know how important mockup can be  in the development process of an application or website especially when developing Rich Internet Apps. It demonstrates the clear idea of the  states and transistion that needs to be used in an application. Even though there are many tools to make mockups available, the tool which is to be talked about here is Balsamiq Mockups.

Balsamiq Mockup is a tool used to create mockups and wireframes to demonstrate the UI of an application. Along with the web version it also has a desktop version which is built on AIR. The main highlight of this tool is that  it will easily convert your mockups to the a human readable format called BMML. If you can write some script you can convert the BMML format to your actual code. Now, the MidnightCoders along with Balsamiq enables you to convert Balsamiq mockups directly into your Flex that is really awesome…

Once you use the tool and when you have the mockups ready you have options to export mockups which will generate a zip file which can be downloaded. The zip file will contain MXML as well as Actionscript files along with server code implemented in Java, C#, VB.NET and PHP. The client-side code will have the same component used as you have used in the mockups wheras the server-side code will have all datas from the controls in the mockup to the corresponding controls in the Flex application. Check out this link to know more about it. Play around with Balsamiq mockups and find out more about it 🙂


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Sunil Nair

I am a Software Developer currently working on developing Rich Internet Applications using Adobe Flex/AIR. I have had diverse experience of developing application in software industry for the last 4 years.

3 thoughts on “Generate Flex code from mockups”

  1. I love Balsamiq mockups! Use it almost weekly!
    However, software UI tools don’t seem to solve the ‘first ideas’ or ‘napkin drawings’. For some reason, I can’t bring in software until the idea is a little more clear, since all UI software (incl. Balsamiq) only allow pre-set controls.

    To solve the early stages, I use:
    Very fun magnetic UI widgets for prototyping on a whiteboard. You should try them!

    1. @Efraim: yeah I agree to you that such UI softwares only allow some preset controls…but that is ok..the main feature that excited me to write about Balsamiq is the conversion of mockups to MXML and actionscript classes…
      and thank you for the info on MockupMagnets

  2. Yeah, I agree.
    Also, have you seen yet?
    Came out yesterday and allows Balsamiq to export to JS, HTML, FLEX and so on. Think you’ll love it!

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