AS 2.0 to AS 3.0

Our team is working on some really exciting projects nowadays and in one of them we have to migrate existing AS 2.0 codebase into AS 3.0 in order to improve the performance of the application. This process is quite handful of a job, but it is a great learning experience. This work can only be ideally carried out by a developer who is well aware of AS2.0 and AS3.0. Now, how difficult can it be for a person who has worked AS3.0 to understand on previous versions of Actionscript. I think it’s a bit hard for people who don’t have experience in working with Flash AS2.0.

There might be AS2 to AS3 convertor available in the market but most of them can only manage to change the syntax. This may help saving time in syntax changes but I won’t recommend that since the developer will not go through the code and will not be able to properly understand the code and moving forward he will find it difficult to work on it
Check out the links below which I think provides some informations:
I am open to suggestion from you to know how will you guys go about doing this 🙂


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Sunil Nair

I am a Software Developer currently working on developing Rich Internet Applications using Adobe Flex/AIR. I have had diverse experience of developing application in software industry for the last 4 years.

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