Alter the properties of the SWF

Did you know that we can alter the properties of the output SWF of Flex.
The can be done like this:
In a Flex project the application class:

[SWF(width=”500″, height=”500″, frameRate=”30″, backgroundColor=”#FFFFFF”)]

and in an actionscript project , the code should be like this:
   [SWF(width=”500″, height=”500″, frameRate=”30″, backgroundColor=”#FFFFFF”)]
   public class MyClass


I found it handy inorder to fix a problem I encountered in one of our projects. This might not be used quite often, but it is worth knowing…. 🙂


Published by

Sunil Nair

I am a Software Developer currently working on developing Rich Internet Applications using Adobe Flex/AIR. I have had diverse experience of developing application in software industry for the last 4 years.

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